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Welcome to the website of elastiCore. elastiCore stands for flexible and stable. That probably doesn't mean anything to you but for elastiCore it stands for its past and future. On this website you can mostly read about the past of elastiCore. If you want to read about the future you should visit the website of 2Quest Entertainment.

The past
Why bother with the past dude? A very good question. And just because you're still reading I'm going to answer my own silly question. Actually the answer is very easy. I don't want to throw away all that has been done. One way to survive the trashcan is by showing everything on the internet. It might even be nice to see as some of the work done is really dodgy-laugh, stupid-nice, nerdy-great and slightly fun.

elastiCore has made several websites, the first around (way back) 1994. These websites have been dug up from the past and put back online. The last websites are still being used and fun to watch aswell.

elastiCore has worked on several projects. Most of these projects were successful but sadly some are not relevant anymore. Those projects were targetting the Commodore Amiga. For nostalgic reasons the projects have been put back online again. Other projects are still successful and can also be found on this website.

If you feel like listening to released CD's or to some funny songs have a look at the music section and listen to the tunes and/or samples.

Anything else worth mentioning can be found here. From miracle wonders to exact science and from weight lifting ants to flying pink elephants. Have fun!

Work in progress
This will probably be here forever as this website will never be finished. Some menu items are still grey meaning they are still not available.