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The classic remake for the Commodore Amiga. This game can be played with one, two, three or four players at the same time. Not only that, several computer controlled enemy players join the game aswell. A few computer magazines (Amiga related) mentioned the game too with screenshots. For me, this was the first succesfull released project.

Computer players
The computer players normally try to beat the human players. Because there are so many computer players it's very hard to collect all items in a level without getting beaten by the computer players. To make it a little easier the computer players were given an angry attitude. If a computer gets hit by another computer player (by accident) he will try to hit him back first. This is fun to watch as the other computer player will then try to hit him back again. This can result in a massive computer battle.

Sound channels
On default the Amiga has only 4 different sound channels. Having many players means 4 sound channels isn't enough. For this a fast sound-mixing algorithm is used capable of mixing 8 samples in real time. This ofcourse gives room for many samples to be played making the game very active (and noisy). If you play this game for a while you definitely need a break.

Transwarp supports BruceLee too. It's not fully integrated in the project yet but the logic is already there. Playing BruceLee with 16 players is currently only available for people who've played BruceLee before as it requires some skill. As soon as the game is polished a bit more it will be ready for Transwarp and useable for 2Quest Entertainment.