This page will report the Game-Meeting night held on 11-03-2000.

As some people already expected, there is a logfile available which contains truly everything that was said during this evening. And when I say everything I really mean everything. Simply because I've build a little pre-amplifier which amplifies the signal comming from three different microphones. Shakma only found one, but two others were placed outside the field of vision. This made is possible to catch even the lowest possible soundlevels without killing my Amiga-sampler.

The total running lenght is 7:20 Hours.

Exploding Fist samples
The first game together with Turbo raketti

SummerGames samples
The first competition played

Ugho Lympics samples
The funniest event played

BratWurst samples
Killing each other all together
The last game on th evening.