Anim Build it in a DeskTop Anim

This page is for those people who are wondering how I managed to build my BVision inside my Amiga 1200. If you want do the same you can take a look at this page. But I STRONGLY suggest to contact me before you start modifying your amiga, just to be sure. Although I cannot give any guarantees I don't think there will be any harm to your computer as long as you follow my advice.

If you look at the BVision you will clearly see that it will easily fit inside the A1200 Desktop. However, heat production makes it impossible to keep the system running. Secondly the powerlines through the mainbord of the A1200 cannot handle the amount of current.
Solve the heat problem
To solve this problem a fan was used. Drill two small holes in the keyboard to connect the fan. I used a 4cm*4cm sized fan 12V DC. Airflow goes into the computer, location of the fan is above the four memory chips of the BVision. When you drill the two holes in your keyboard be sure NOT to damage anything. Once you close the desktop you cannot see the fan so don't drill through the casing. !

Solve the power problem
The power can be solved quite easily, but some soldering technique is required. If you take a look at the left picture you can see which pins from the powerconnector produce what voltage. Picture is taken as a frontview. Connect the ground and the +12V line to the fan. Take the floppy powerconnector and merge the 5V line from the powerinput together with it. Reconnect it again and you have succesfull modyfied the powerlines. BUT, do not merge the ground wire with the floppy connector, although it might work, the powerline is far more stable when you do not reround the ground wire. If you want to be sure you cut the right wire you need to measure the connections with a multimeter. And please, don't forget to switch-off the computer !.

The video output of the BVision was done by making a hole in my desktopcasing just above the RF-Modulator. This was done using file and plastic melting. Open a window because this can be very smelly!

Zoomed picture of my A1200

Config note:
  • A1200 Revision C
  • 800 MB 2.5" HD
  • PPC 060/603e/200 MHZ/ 64 MB
  • Lineair regulated powersupply

  • Any other config was NOT tested, please report any working configs to me to keep everybody well informed, thanks!.