Bloppy rulez the world of fun

The story
Bloppy lives a very happy life. But suddenly a very sharp knive is trying to kill Bloppy. Luckely for him it seems to be a stolen plastic knive from Toys'R'Us. But wait a rocket is on it's way to blast Bloppy. Quickly Bloppy grabs his missle control and manages to escape this horrible death. Out of the pink sky comes an U.F.O. which fires a laser-beam to kill Bloppy. The gods help by reflecting the laser with a mirror which destroys the U.F.O. Bloppy is saved! Some leftover Tjernobil atoms are heading towards Bloppy. It seems feeding time for Bloppy, since he eats all of them. Mjummie!

Horror strikes again, this time with Windows 2000, Bloppy is stunned, what to do ? Right, throw it in the trashcan. Evil Devil has left his game and wants to kick Bloppy's bud. Bloppy's mother is just intime to squeese Evil Devil into orangejuse. At that moment some police officer loses control of his car and is going to crash into Bloppy. But some wall is in between which kill the police officer but not Bloppy. Hoorah!

A very large dick is trying to attract Bloppy's mother, but before it reaches Pacman bites and holds an Ghost-blaster in case ghosts show up. Than all the way from Australia comes a large Kangaroo to walk right over Bloppy. Too bad it doesn't see the sharp little things on the road. Oops, FrankenStein want to eat Bloppy, but not to worry, The self defence robot destroys him before he can do any harm. Another radioactive snowball from Russia heads towards Bloppy, but it blown away by Mitch, the hurricane!


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