Anim Bruce Lee, the C64 game Anim

Anim 1-4 Player game with original character graphics Anim
Bruce Lee is a platform fighting game. You're controlling Bruce Lee and have to collect all boing-balls. Some guys will try to stop you by kicking your ass. After you have collected all balls, you should run towards the exit. Luckely for you it's possible to kick and hit back so that you can buy some time.

To play this, you should have AGA / 030+
The original game only had 2 enemys as maximum, a black guy and a green guy. This game handles 12 different enemy's who are sometimes smarter than you expect them to be. At first all enemy's are trying to kick your ass, and there is always one who hits you. That's why they all are programmed with temper, if one happens to kick another by accident, he becomes mad at this person, and will no longer try to kick you. Unless you kick him.
I've placed a preview in the download section