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Anim On this page you will find information about Delta4 Anim
    Delta4, the long awaited adventure made by HellHound. After quite a long time it's beeing worked on again. All basic routines are ready to be used. Only problem is a great story and the drawings for it.
    Your controlling a guy with a mouse, on the bottem side of the screen are all available actions shown. All objects the person is carrying can also be seen. The upper part of the screen is were all actions take place.

    Delta4 is HellHound's first real project
    Technical data
  • Requires Amiga with AGA and 020+
  • 4 MB of Fastram really needed
  • HD with unknown HD space (Yet unknown)
  • Mouse
  • Real powerfull audio hardware >100 Watts

  • We're back working on this!
Map Finally it's being developt again.
Source was lost, but regenerated
Please keep track of this project !
Hello Benny, this is the individual your controlling.
Humor, and lazyness are his best manners.
His job is chief security and you have to maintain
the safety on the Delta4 ship.

Still not finished.