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Anim HellShot has been released! Anim
    HellShot is the first succesfull game released by HellHound. After the releasedate, within 3 days several mails were recieved about HellShot. You can even find it on CD's bought with a magazine.
    Available versions are:

  • HellShot A500
  • HellShot AGA
  • HellShot GFX
  • HellShot PPC

    What kind of game is it ?
    It's very easy. You're playing against a friend or girlfriend. You should try to destroy your enemy's home. Once this is done you win the game!. You can also try and stop your enemy's attempt by hitting his guy or catapult.
    To make it a little difficult you can also find some scenery. This was only done to make the game more fun to play.

    Feel free to send us any suggestions , since the game is easy to recompile and remember, the game was written in 100% assembly.!