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Delta4 01
Delta4 1995

Delta4 02
Delta4 1996-11-10

Delta4 03
The last release

Delta4 04
The final blow

Delta4 is the space adventure for the Amiga that was never finished by HellHound. With all HellHound members fully active, lots of work was being done for the space adventure Delta4. Sadly this project was never finished. Over time several versions were released internally. On this page you can find a few animations demonstrating the engine and its capibilities.

Failed project
Eventough most of the programming was finished the project failed. Team members had less time to spend on the project that eventually lead to a full stop. Having no time is of course the easy way out. It actually means something else: "Less interest or demotivation". You might wonder why the team members lost their interest but if you ask them they would probably just say: "Dude, I had no spare time". If you would ask me, I would tell you the following:

Why did you loose motivation?
The project had no objective. No visible clear steps to take and celebrate. Not having these means there is no ending in sight and that can be very demotivating. For example, if you ask someone to go and buy an apple to make apple pie he sees the point of it. You'll get your apple and he knows he gets a piece of pie. If you tell someone it might be a good idea to buy an apple for something he will probably never buy it. If you ask him he'll tell you that he simply hasn't had time to go to the shop yet. Having an path that leads to an objective keeps people motivated. "Just a bit more and we can finally release a new demoversion. When we've done that we can create adverts and start setting up the homepage." Simple things like that. It could have been the key to succes. That is what I think went wrong. And I've learned from it. A hard lesson as I am the one that did al the programming and spend most of the time on it. After that none of my projects failed. Why? I define my steps to take and celebrate reaching them.

Delta4 1995
Still, not all is lost. See the very first demonstration showing the capabilities of the "Delta4 adventure engine" in its early stage. As you can see the main character can walk around, collect items, examine the environment and operate objects. But that is not all, actions can trigger other actions and talking to people is also possible. Basicly everything an adventure needs is included. Have a look at the animation to see for yourself! And remember, that was 1995!

Delta4 1996-11-10
This animation shows how moving multiple objects and sound effects can create the perfect atmosphere for a spacy scene. Showing this version to the members boosted moral a bit more. At this stage ideas were written down to create the storyline for the adventure. If you look closely at the animation you can see two spies leaving the aircraft stealing a red bag. Not even the team members knew about this!

Delta4 1998 Last release
The last official release for HellHound members. This animation shows the final state of the adventure. You'll notice that the coder was a little bored adding funny games into the project. A whole waste of time. (But fun anyway)

Delta4 the final blow
The final blow for the project was the decision to go 3D. This was both a good and stupid idea. The team wasn't up to the task drawing all those 3D objects. Don't even mention creating some 3D models. A good attempt was made. Time passed and no real results were made. Project stopped and so: "The end.".